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Episode 92

Jenna Barnard – The Dessert QUEEN and Creator of Butternut Bakery

In this episode of Just The Good Stuff we’re joined by Jenna Barnard, the baker and photographer behind Butternut Bakery. You would probably recognize Jenna on Instagram or TikTok by one of her many drool worthy cookies, cakes or desserts!

Jenna started the Butternut Bakery blog as a way to share her passion for baking, the kind that involved flour, butter, and sugar. You know, the standard stuff. But a year in, she developed (and since healed) digestive issues and discovered a sensitivity to both gluten and dairy. That’s why she is so passionate about creating desserts for all diets. With Butternut Bakery, you will find a mix of traditional and modified recipes to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Here are some of the topics discussed in today’s episode:

  • Where Jenna’s passion from baking came from 
  • Jenna’s motivation to start a blog and posting her recipes on Tiktok and Instagram
  • Her career before pursing Butternut Bakery full time 
  • What a typical day and week looks like as a content creator 
  • The pressures of being a content creator and ways Jenna helps balance her life
  • Taking time away from your phone and avoiding burn out
  • Discovering her sensitivity to gluten and dairy and how she learned to bake with new ingredients
  • Traveling to Europe and her experience with gluten and dairy
  • Where Jenna see’s her brand heading

+SO much more!

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