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Episode 56

Ashley La Fond – Organizing Your Home, Life + Creating A Business Out of a Hobby

#56: In this episode, we are chatting with Ashley La Fond, the founder of the mega successful organizing business Of Space and Mind.

Of Space and Mind is a professional organizing company that makes your life 100x more efficient and obviously “organized”. Ashley and her team transforms your home/apartment/living situation an absolute dream. From moving and unpacking to organizing your current home, Of Space and Mind can help with everything. They put processes in place I’d never think of and help you reorganize your entire life.

A preview of what we dive into in today’s episode:

  1. How Ashley fell in love with organizing and started her own company
  2. What exactly a professional organizer does for someone
  3. How covid shifted their business and offered a new way to help people
  4. Why everyone in their life needs someone to help them organize
  5. Tips on how to organize your home and best practices
  6. How to organize small space and maximize the space
  7. How you can organize on a budget
  8. What it is like being a working mom and what is worth outsourcing

Plus here are a few examples of what Ashley and her team helped us with: tips for everythingkitchenour pantrykitchen organizing tips and a full blog post here.

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