• Reading your post helps me to know I’m not alone. …

    Comment on High Cortisol Levels: My Story (hormone update!) by Kristine.

    Reading your post helps me to know I’m not alone. For about a year I’ve been searching for what has been off with me hormonal. I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos/thyroiditis and am finally getting answers. I’m also dealing with adrenal fatigue and it has been such a hard road. My doctors kept telling me I was just anxious and stressed because I was a new mother. I felt completely alone at times which made it even worse. My heart would race when I’d just be sitting down. I delt/deal with lightheadedness, fatigue, dizziness, and brain fog. I wasn’t sure what was going on but I started eating better and doing a lot of similar things you have done..it’s a slow process but I’m starting to feel better. It’s hard to find your way back from hormone issues and I
    Have been frustrated at times because I’m used to being in complete control my body. Thank you for sharing and I pray for your recovery from these issues!