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Episode 57

Danielle Brown – @healthygirlkitchen The Plant-Based Food Queen On Growing Her Brand, How Veganism Changed Her Life + Her Miscarriage

#57: In this episode, I am chatting with the vegan food queen herself, Danielle Brown.

You know Danielle from @healthygirlkitchen where she shares dozens of healthy and delicious vegan recipes for everyone to make.

A preview of what we dive into in today’s episode:

  1. Growing up without the term influencer and social media
  2. Going to college and transitioning into a vegan lifestyle
  3. How the transition into eating plant-based changed her life
  4. Going to IIN and becoming a health coach
  5. Why she started her blog and sharing recipes
  6. How her husband transitioned into being vegan too
  7. Easy swaps we can all make to eat more plants
  8. How to perfect tofu (my personal struggle!)
  9. Danielle’s journey to starting a family and experiencing her miscarriage earlier this year

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