How Food Blogging Inspired Me to Begin My Fitness Journey

fitness journey

When I tell people that I am a recipe developer, I always get this weird look. Either they are confused on how in the world I make a living doing that or they are usually thinking to themselves “how is she that size and works with food 24/7?”. And to be honest more often than […]

My Favorite Time of the Year – B3 All In

Happy Holidays, friends! I hope you all had an amazing week filled with all the cookies, brownies and family & friend time we all need. I personally had an amazing week with J, my family and some friends. I attempted to “take off” for 5 days and not check email. That sadly lasted about 36 […]

barre3 Challenge – January

barre3 Challenge: January 4th – 31st barre3 Challenge: January 4th – 31st A couple weeks ago I mentioned how barre3 was one of my favorite workouts here in NYC. I kid you not when I say I was never really into working out until this past May and I owe a lot of that to […]