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Episode 76

Kacie Barnes MCN, RDN – Mama Knows Nutrition on Picky Eaters and What The Beep to Do

#76: In this episode we sit down with Kacie Barnes, the Registered Dietician Nutritionist behind the website and social media account Mama Knows Nutrition. Kacie provides us with SO many tips, tricks, courses and resources for feeding your toddler and kids. This is a hot topic and we chat with Kacie about the daily struggles all parents and caregivers go through while trying to provide the best meal time options for your little ones. 

Here is a preview of some of the topic and questions we discuss in this episode:

  • What age picky eating is common to start around and when it ends
  • What we should do if a kid no longer wants to eat a food they loved in the past
  • The difference between picky eating and a food aversion
  • How to reverse bad eating habits
  • How to introduce a new food at meal time without overwhelming your child
  • Tips on how to prevent your child from throwing food
  • Can my child go to bed hungry
  • What do you do if your child wont eat dinner but then always asks for dessert
  • Thoughts on adding “hidden” veggies into meals
  • Best approaches to packing your child’s lunch for school
  • My child won’t eat anything green, what can I do
  • How to deal with extended family unsolicited feeding comments
  • How do you know if your child ate enough, should you cut them off

+ SO much more!

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