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Episode 18

Solo Episode: Q+A On All Things Motherhood With Rachel

#18: In this episode, we dive deep into all things motherhood, nursing, newborns, feeding Ezra and handful of other topics and questions you guys submitted via Instagram.

This is my very first solo episode and I absolutely loved answering all of your questions and hearing what you guys are curious about. This episode is packed with a ton of info on things I haven’t chatted about much before and I hope all my mama and papa friends out there find this helpful, not preachy and resourceful in anyway. I also list a handful of my favorites for Ezra over on my shop page, which I am constantly updating with more goods.

A preview of what we dive into in today’s episode:


  • What are your newborn must haves? Here is a full blog post on this.
  • What was the hardest thing about bringing a newborn home?
  • When did you know you had PPD? How did you feel better?


  • Did you always know you wanted to breastfeed? What are your tips? Here is a full blog post on my nursing tips for increasing supply
  • Has Ezra ever had formula?
  • What milk did Ezra have?
  • Does he still have milk and bottles?

Random questions:

  • How do you keep your home so neat and tidy? Here are some of my favorite baskets we have!
  • What are your tips for anyone working from home with a baby?
  • How much does Ezra sleep? Did you do sleep training? Here is a full blog post on sleep training.
  • Did you know you always wanted to be a mom?
  • What is Ezra’s daily routine?
  • Does Ezra watch TV? What are thoughts on screen time?
  • How is Jordan and Ezra’s relationship? Tips for a special bond with father and son?
  • What is your favorite part of being a mom?


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