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Episode 70

The Well+Good 2023 Annual Wellness Trends Report

#70: In this episode we sit down with Abbey Stone, VP, Content & Executive Editor of Well+Good to discuss their highly anticipated annual Wellness Trends Report.

Well+Good has been publishing their predictions for wellness trends for the upcoming year now for over a decade and they are on point year over year for spotting trends in the health and wellness space. 

Here are some of the trends we discuss in the episode:


  1. Tinned fish is swimming in sex appeal
  2. Snackable supplements are going beyond the gummy
  3. Nostalgia Food Brands Will Feed Your Inner Child
  4. Lupini Beans Will Be The New Budget-Friendly Legume
  5. Sports and Energy Drinks Are Getting Dusted Off


  1. Virtual Reality Is Coming For Your Health Care
  2. Clean Up on Aisle Cold, Flu, and Painkillers
  3. The Tampon Industry Will Be Flush With More Sustainable, Comfortable, and Functional Options


  1. IRL Fitness is Back, Baby
  2. Fitness Tracking Is No Longer All In The Wrist

You can find the complete 2023 Well+Good Wellness Trends Report here.

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