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Episode 75

Expo West 2023 Recap, Finds & Trends In Better-For-You Food & Beverage

#75: In this episode we dive into our recent trip to LA to attend the 2023 Natural Products Expo West show in Anaheim, CA. We chat all about the different brands and new products we got to try and founders and brands we were able to get face time with. After chatting about it all, we narrowed it down to a few major trends we saw for the future of the food and beverage industry this year  

Heres a recap of some of the brands and products we discuss in today’s episode from Expo West 2023:

  • Sweet Nothings – Use code RACHL for 20% off your Nut Butter Bites order 
  • Brave Good Kind
  • Mighty Spark
  • Seven Sundays – *NEW* Oats Protein cereal and use code RACHL30 30% off your order
  • Chia smash – new grape jelly
  • Must Love – cookies and sprinkles
  • Evergreen – *NEW* waffle egg breakfast sandwiches 
  • Clevr – latte mixes
  • Fitjoy –  *NEW* cracker and pb pretzels
  • Savor by Suize – choc covered pretzel 
  • RIND – *NEW* snack/trail mix
  • Quinn – pizza pretzels 
  • Simply – Chocolate date bites
  • Bored Cow – microflora milk protein
  • Craize
  • Chomps
  • GoNanas 
  • Purely Elizabeth
  • Mid-Day Square – *NEW* cookie dough 
  • BTR bars – code RACHL 
  • Sunnie

Here are the industry trends we noticed during Expo West 2023 and discuss in todays podcast:

  • Kelp/Seaweed
  • Asian cuisine
  • Candy/Gummies
  • Snacking puffs 
  • So many beverages
  • Not enough kids stuff
  • Chicken Jerky
  • Grain free pretzels 
  • Mushrooms

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