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Episode 84

Just The Good Chat: Family of 5 Update + Sleep Training

#84: In this episode of Just The Good Stuff we are kicking off our series of Just The Good Chat, where Jordan and I chat about different life updates and answer some of our listeners questions.

Think: even more of what you see on Instagram stories. In this episode we give an update about our experiences as parents of 3 kids ages four and under and our experience sleep training for the third time. 

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:

Raising three children:

  • Tips going from 0 to 1, 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 kids
  • What parts of the transition to 3 has been the hardest
  • How we knew we wanted to have three children
  • How we stay connected and make time for one another
  • How to keep each kids schedule without interrupting another
  • Bed time with 3 kids and 2 parents
  • Regressions when siblings came
  • Will Jordan get a vasectomy?

Sleep Training:

  • Our sleep training method
  • What age to sleep train
  • Did we hire anyone to help with the sleep training
  • Tips to deal with the crying
  • When to transition to a sleepsack
  • How to eliminate middle of the night feedings
  • Is there an age it’s too late to do sleeptraining?
  • Is there an age it’s too early to do sleeptraining?
  • Tips on removing the swaddle

Other questions:

  • Tips on dealing with a baby who is colic
  • Tips on dealing with big toddler feelings
  • Limiting portion sizes for kids
  • Names we liked but didn’t use for our kids

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