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Episode 93

Just The Good Chat: My Journey Pumping & Bedtime Routine with Three Kids

#93: In this episode of Just The Good Stuff we are continuing our series of Just The Good Chat. As I am coming to the end of my journey of breast feeding our youngest, we are diving into all your questions around nursing, pumping and sharing a little more of my approach with all three of my kids

I’m by no means an expert but a mama who has a bit of experience to share. We also dive into what our latest routine has been to getting our three children down to sleep solo each night.

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:

Preparing to Pump:

  • a brief background on my nursing and breastfeeding journey
  • when to start pumping postpartum
  • what pumps i’ve used and the pros/cons 
  • cleaning your pump supplies

My Pumping Schedule:

  • my pumping schedule
  • pumping so you’re not taking away from the next feeding
  • going overnight without pumping
  • increasing supply
  • supply with my three children

Building a Freezer Stash:

  • how to start pumping to store extra milk in freezer
  • best storage and pumping supplies
  • how to produce enough to store the excess
  • items to eat to help supply

Traveling While Pumping:

  • tips for traveling & pumping without baby
  • best pump to travel with
  • how to transport milk back that you pump on vacation
  • how did you prep milk when going away for weekend


  • how to wean
  • how much food vs milk to give
  • when to remove extra sessions

Bedtime routine:

  • an overview of our bedtime routine with three kids under five

Products mentioned in the episode:

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