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Episode 49

TikTok’s Recipe Queen “Justine Snacks” on Pursuing Her Side Hustle FT, Bulimia + Binge Eating + All Things Trader Joe’s

#49: In this episode, I am chatting with one of my favorite recipe creators, Justine E., of @justine_snacks.

Justine is the talented recipe creator and TikTok recipe star that recently transitioned from her full-time job to pursing her own brand.

A preview of what we dive into in today’s episode:

  1. How Justine was pushed out of her job and given an ultimatum between her blog or her job.
  2. Why she started her TikTok account and quickly thereafter her Instagram and blog.
  3. We also touch on her history with food and Justine openly shares her struggles with bulimia, binge eating and how she has been able to evolve her relationship with food after 10 years of disordered eating.
  4. Finally, we dive into all of the things she loves from Trader Joe’s because if you know Justine, you know she is a Trader Joe’s groupie like myself.

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