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Episode 88

Jana Goodbaum – Co-Founder of Happy Wolf On Revolutionizing Kid’s Snacks

#88: In this episode of Just The Good Stuff we’re joined by Jana Goodbaum, the Co-Founder of Happy Wolf! 

The *NEW* brand of wildly simple snacks for kids. They’re nut-free snack bars made from only organic whole-food ingredients…and absolutely none of the “weird” stuff.

Happy Wolf is currently available to order online at their website – Use my code RACHL to get 20% off your order!

Here are some of the topics discussed in today’s episode:

  • Happy Wolf – What is it and the background of why Jana decided to launch it
  • What is Happy Wolf brining to the market that is different than the current options and why no one else is doing what their doing
  • What made Jana interested in the CPG children’s snack category
  • What concerns Jana about the current children’s snack products and why Happy Wolf is different
  • Why it’s been so hard to bring lower sugar options to the children’s snack aisle
  • The process of developing a product and then commercializing it for mass consumption
  • Whats been the biggest challenges so far in launching a new brand and product
  • What does the future look like for Happy Wolf

+SO much more!

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