Welcome back to our series of what we bought this monthAs an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

This is where you get the scoop on what we actually buy and can shop for these items too. This month we added a few organization items for our car and some other great additions for our kitchen!

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Some of our favorite purchases of the month:

Adidas Gazelle Sneakers – My husband couldn’t believe I ordered these sneakers. He thought we had a fraud charge lol! It’s amazing how all these classic sneakers are becoming popular again. I’m excited to test them out. Especially with spring coming.

G’s Cleaning Products – Our almost three year old has been giving us a run for our money lately. From flooding our bathroom to flushing a 5 inch toy car down the toilet bowl and the latest drawing all over our couch with a gel ink pen. We trust G’s Cleaning Products to help get all the stains out of our furniture and rugs. And they actually work! Use code RACHEL20 for 20% off their site.

Car Sunglass Holder – As a mom of three little kids I feel like I can never keep track of my sunglasses. I bought some extra pairs to keep in the car and this clip helps me stay organized.

Clip-on Car Garbage Can – I used to always leave some plastic produce bags in the car to help keep the garbage organized but these clip-on garbage cans make it so much easier.

Car Cup Holder Coasters – I saw my dad had these in his car and it helped remove that ring of condensation that always happens from a cold drink. I bought some for my car and they have been great.

Car Cleaning Gel – I feel like I was seeing this all over social media so I had to try it. And wow does it work to help remove the dust from your dashboard.

Overnight Oat Jars – My family has been on an overnight oats kick. It’s great because we can prep them in advance and make all different types of flavors and add ins. These jars are great for parfaits too!

Clip-on Silicone Strainer – This has made cooking pasta 100 times easier. Clip this strainer right onto the pot and dump out the water. I’ll take anything to make meal time more efficient.

Amazon Sunglasses – I refuse to buy expensive sunglasses. I wind up always losing them (aka my kids take them ha!) and these sunglasses from Amazon are amazing.

Fishing Pole – We went to visit my parents in Florida for our kids mid-winter break from school. My husband and kids have been so excited to fish in the pond by my parents house so we ordered this fishing pole.

Meat Chopper – This has been a great addition to our kitchen. I’m always cooking ground meat to feed our family with and this has made it so easy to help break up the meat while it’s cooking.

My Kid’s Favorite Pacifiers – We only let our kids have their pacifiers when they sleep in their cribs and we used these with all three of our kids.

Child Safety Locks – Our middle son last week took a liquid gel pen out of our drawer and used it to color all over our couch. AND now we use these locks on our drawer.

Shoulder Heating Pad – My Husband has been having some tendonitis in his shoulder. This heating pad showed up at our house the other day and he has been obsessed with it.

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