Healthy Kitchen: What Staples I Always Have in My Fridge

March 15, 2018

    healthy kitchen: sharing all of my fridge staples!

    Fridge space is sacred around here.

    Our refrigerator is packed to the brim at all times. I am one of those weirdos who actually get anxiety when there isn’t enough food on hand (especially when it’s one of my favorite products). I am also one of those odd ones who keeps everything in the fridge. Even things that aren’t supposed to be in there, I add (like granolas for extra crunchiness).

    I don’t organize our fridge in any special way. And it is by no means even that organized. It is REAL and what works for us. I know there are some people who say to store meat on bottom, veggies on top, or whatever it is supposed to be. I personally get overwhelmed following that and focus on fitting everything where it makes sense to me, and of course where it fits best to maximize space.

    Today I am walking you guys through my absolute staples in our fridge. What we have on hand 99% of the time and staples that I cannot live without. A question I get most often is “where do you grocery shop?”. It is a mix of online ordering and grocery stores (nothing fancy!). I find Trader Joe’s has great prices and good veggies but their apple selection stinks! I like Whole Foods for my apples and anything else I cannot find at Trader Joe’s. I also go to a small grocery store in Hoboken called Basic Foods, which has amazing prices.

    Let’s do this. Let me know if you have any questions and HAPPY EATING!healthy kitchen: sharing all of my fridge staples!healthy kitchen: sharing all of my fridge staples!


    • organic leafy greens (i love arugula, spinach and romaine the most)
    • organic brussels sprouts
    • organic zucchinis
    • organic carrots
    • organic onion
    • organic broccoli
    • organic sweet potatoes (those japanese ones are my favorite)
    • squash (butternut, acorn or spaghetti)


    • organic apples
    • bananas (they stay fresh longer in fridge)
    • avocados (these also stay fresh longer in fridge
    • organic berries (we get these



    • grain-free granola (i love this, this and this one)
    • grain-based granola (i love thisthisthis, and this one)
    • non-dairy yogurt (anything with quality ingredients and low sugar)
    • brekki overnight oats (these are available in some whole foods and also online, code RACHL for 10% off!)


    • nut milk
    • Spindrift (find it at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, many retailers!) my favorite sparkling water sweetened with REAL fruit!
    • REBBL (available at Whole Foods)
    • Bonafide Provisions Bone Broth (this is in all Whole Foods)
    • kombucha (Trader Joe’s has it too!!)
    • spicy lemonades (I love this one – and it’s sold in Whole Foods)


    • pasture-raised eggs
    • grass-fed meats, chicken, bacon (we order from butcher box – use this link for $15 off, free bacon and free shipping on first orders)
    • wild salmon


    • ZÜPA NOMA soups and shots (you can find this in Whole Foods or order online, code RACHL for 15% off). i use them as a snack or with my cooking and the shots are amazinn extra boost!
    • bee pollen (i sprinkle this on dessert snd breakfast bowls and on toast!)
    • dijon mustard  (i use this on everything! eggs, salads, sandwiches)
    • ketchup
    • avocado mayo
    • unsweetened coconut flakes (my favorite to add to breakfast bowls and on toast)
    • flaxseed meal (great for baking and egg replacers!)
    • chia seeds (for chia pudding and egg replacers)
    • bread (I love this, this and this one you can make and store in fridge)
    • kimchi and kraut
    • grain-free tortillas (siete is the best and they’re in Whole Foods or online)
    • grass-fed butter
    • sheep’s and goat’s milk cheese
    • coconut aminos (my fav soy-sauce sub)
    • apple cider vinegar
    • probiotics! a must-have (I use these and these)

    xx, Rach

    I love seeing you what you make my recipes!
    Don’t forget to use the hashtag @rachLmansfield and #rachLeats on instagram!

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    1. Oh my gosh totally agree about the Trader Joe’s Apple selection!! And I’m in Denver so it’s not just a NJ thing!!

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