My 2020 holiday gift guide is here! Seven curated guides that can help make your holiday shopping a bit easier this year for anyone and everyone.

It is here!! This year’s amazing line-up of holiday gift guides for so many on your list. These are curated from our family favorites and some things on our own wish list this holiday season. And there are 7 unique gift guides for all the people on your holiday shopping list.

You will find gift guides for: Rachel’s picks, Mama’s to be, The Homebody, Kitchen kweens, Ezra’s picks, McJordo’s picks + Baby things. Literally anyone and everyone you can think of whether it is your mother-in-law, friend that lives 5 states away, newborn cousin or a little something for yourself – this gift guide has it all.

Rachel’s picks:

  1. Amazon sweater // I wear this basically everyday and already have 3 colors. So affordable and good price point for seasonal sweater.
  2. Bucket bag // I bought this for myself last year and anytime we are running errands or I have an appointment or back in the day when we’d go for dinner, this is one of my faves.
  3. Ugg fur sneakers // I can confidently say this is the best purchase of winter 2020 for me! I have the tan and black.
  4. Fanny pack/belt bag // YES fanny packs are back baby. This is great for walking around city, hiking, anything!
  5. Metro backpack // I use this as a diaper bag too now but before Ez this was my backpack for everything and it fits SO much.
  6. Amazon sunglasses // best $15 ever and they look so cute and trendy. You’d never know they are so inexpensive.
  7. Ankle weights // I splurged on these in October and have no regrets. I use them a few times a week for my quick 15 min work outs ha!
  8. Moc clogs // don’t have these yet but they are on my list for holidays!
  9. Denim jacket // another piece I LIVE in
  10. Best sneakers // I have ordered these every year for 5 years. Soooo yes I am on my 5th pair and they’re the best sneakers ever and so comfy.


Mama’s to be:

  1. Belly butter + belly oil // mama’s to be NEED lots of belly oil and butter. It’s one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. I rub this all over my stomach and thighs before bed and it’s great for postpartum with breast-feeding too.
  2. Perform legging + align legging + power luxe legging // I literally live in leggings or sweats. I love all of these 3 and they’re so comfy. I usually size up except the maternity ones are true to size for me.
  3. Knit pajamas // pajamas with buttons are a must for any new mama and if they are nursing, it makes whipping out your boob 10x easier. Plus you are home 24/7 with a newborn so might as well splurge on some comfy and cute pajamas.
  4. Nursing bras // I have worn my nursing bras for 2 years now. So comfy and they wear well. I usually size up – these run small!
  5. Compression socks // one of the not so glamorous parts of pregnancy – swollen ankles. I swear by wearing these socks when I am on my feet all day in kitchen and for photos.
  6. Nesting robe // robes are a must have. So cozy and too comfy!
  7. Nursing pillow // this is great for both nursing and Ez used to lay on it too.
  8. Relaxing candle // any form of zen sounds magical to a new mom. This is my fave candle – it’s a splurge but it is magical.


Homebody’s faves:

  1. Electric tea kettle // Jordan asked for this 2 years ago and it is my favorite addition to the kitchen. Perfect for tea lovers and boiling all the water when you are home cozy in the winter.
  2. Cozy slippers // I am on my 3rd pair of these. SO comfy and they are cute to wear around the house.
  3. Chunky knit blanket // We have had this for 4 years now. I love it and we even just got another color. Code RACHL25 for 25% off all Boll and Branch!
  4. Organic sheet set // Organic sheets that are actually soft and affordable. YES please! Code RACHL25 for 25% off all Boll and Branch!
  5. Cozy wide leg sweat pants // I wear these everyday. No need to explain any further. I used to have a code RACHL for discount too, so worth a try!
  6. Diffuser + essential oil kit // every single night I sleep with my diffuser on and oils in! The best best best!!
  7. Necessaire skincare // if you are looking for new skincare or want to gift someone something new and trendy that is quality ingredients – I love their stuff. Code RACHL10 for 10% off!
  8. Prose haircare // I am a bit of a hair snob and so picky with products. Prose is a game changer and the perfect gift for someone! My link gets you 15% off your first order!
  9. Primally Pure products // I love love their bath salts, body butters, serums, everything! OH and the cacao lip balms. A must buy!!! code RACHL gets you 10% off
  10. TULA face products // Another skincare favorite and they have things for all skin types too. My whole family uses this. code RACHL gets you 15% off
  11. Cozy set // Well if we aren’t leaving our houses, might as well be as comfy and cute as possible ya know!
  12. Pura // the BEST home gadget ever. Guys this is a must have if you or someone you know is obsessed with having their house smell so freaking good. code RACHL gets you 10% off


Kitchen Kweens:

  1. Cordless Hand Mixer // this is one of the best things I have ever had in the kitchen. A game changer and there is no cord and you can literally use it anywhere and it is super powerful too, which I was shocked.
  2. Cordless Chopper // same as above!! This is like a food processor that doesn’t need to be plugged into the wall. It works so well and it is easy to use.
  3. Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker // I have bought this as gift for so many people. Especially newly engaged friends!! For all the coffee lovers in your life, this a must.
  4. Reuse-able storage bags // these are awesome to have to freeze things, pack snacks on the go, anything! And I toss mine in the dish washer too.
  5. Mini waffle maker // what I thought would be a silly purchase, has the best thing ever. MINI WAFFLES!!!
  6. Non-stick pots and pans // I am obsessed with this brand!!! I use their skillets and pots every single day. Highly recommend + worth the splurge. They wear really well too.
  7. Smeg toaster // this was a gift and tbh I am so thankful for the kind humans who gave this to us because it is the best toaster ever. SALE LINK HERE!
  8. Cake dome/cheese board // YESSS a must buy guys!!
  9. Just the Good Stuff Cookbook // shameless plug but I can’t not at least put my cookbook out there. 100% gluten-free and so many paleo, vegan and nut-free options.
  10. Mixing bowl set // I just bought these for myself and they are so flipping cute and aesthetically pleasing!
  11. Non-toxic cleaning products // not glamorous but so needed – code RACHL for 15%
  12. Baking sheets // I have about 5 of these and as you can imagine, we go through them daily.


Ezra’s picks:

  1. Play kitchen set // Ezra loves our actual kitchen and this is a hot item on his list!!
  2. Amazon unisex pajamas // I bought these for Ez in every color – they’re so comfy for him and wash and wear well.
  3. Play table and chairs // the most aesthetically pleasing play table in the world if you ask me. And it matches Ezra’s highchair
  4. Learning tower // we got this a few months ago and Ez eats his breakfast and lunch from it. He feels more included at the kitchen I am confused because he is at the same height as us ha!
  5. Rain boots // Ezra’s nanny has him outside in rain or snow, anything and he loves splashing in the puddles so these are a must!
  6. Winter sneakers // winter coming doesn’t mean Ez isn’t going to the park that’s for sure. These are extra warm for him!
  7. Amazon fire // shout out to MeMe and Pop Pop for getting this for Ez!
  8. Slipper boots // our apartment floor gets so cold and these are the cutest and most supportive slippers!
  9. Scooter // we got this for Ez a few months ago and even though he doesn’t actually “scoot scoot” he pushes it around and loves it.
  10. Golf set // making Jordan’s dreams come true over here for Ez. Gotta start him young as he says..
  11. Grocery cart // another cute foodie gift for Ez. He loves pushing strollers and his scooter around so I think this is awesome for him too!
  12. Serenity Kids pouches // one of Ezra’s favorite favorite snacks ever! Ez eats these every single day and they are filled with organic meats, avocado oil and veggies. NO added sugars or fruits, making these an awesome snack to give to your little ones. Plus they just launched new bone broth ones too and they are one of the only ways to get veggies into some kids. Ez has them before his nap, when we are out and about, whenever!! He has been having them since he was 5 months old too. code RACHL for 20% off ALL orders over black friday!!


The McJordo’s:

  1. Slipper boots // Ez and Jord both have these!! Great for the men in your life and they are so cozy and warm.
  2. Running vest // Jordan’s pride and joy.. Kidding but not really. Jord runs 3x a week for long distances and he literally is obsessed with this running backpack.
  3. Vitamix// for all the smoothie making men. J uses this 5x a week to make breakfast smoothies after his workout.
  4. Backpack // I got this for Jord last year and he loves it! I also got it for my brother too and he uses it daily.
  5. Puffy vest // one of J’s favorite purchases this winter!
  6. Duffel bag // another favorite gift that Jordan uses when we go away and he used to use it when he commuted to the gym too before work.
  7. Workout bands // almost a year into quarantine and my bedroom is 1/2 gym for my baby daddy. He uses these bands all the time!
  8. Airpods // the best gift for anyone really but especially your spouse or significant other when you both work from home right now
  9. Casual sneakers // my brother’s favorite sneakers. I have them too and we are obsessed.


Must-have Baby Things:

  1. Playmat // I am obsessed with this play mat. We have had it since Ez was born and it is in such good condition still.
  2. Hatch baby changing pad // the best changing pad in my onion. Easy to clean and doubles as scale, which was helpful when Ez wasn’t gaining weight as quickly at first.
  3. Highchair // the best and most aesthetically pleasing highchair ever.
  4. Babycarrier // I didn’t use this as much as I wanted to with Ez and it is on my list of things to do differently over here for Ezra’s brother. Especially when it comes to bringing my two babes out!
  5. Toddler carseat / Infant carseat // these are the ones we have and love!
  6. Baby bar soap / baby balm and oils // Ezra still uses this soap. It is super gentle and moisturizing and great for sensitive skin.
  7. Hands up swaddle // every mama I know that has a kid who hates being swaddled, has loved this. Ezra slept in it until we did sleep training! And I assume his brother will too.
  8. Bottle sterilizer // I used this for my pumping supplies too. I loved it and helped clean everything a bit more.
  9. Sound machine + light // Ez still uses this as a nightlight every night. And it can also be a sound machine. Plus you control it from your phone.
  10. Baby wrap // the best inside carrier!!
  11. Diaper pale // not so glamorous but so needed

Happy holidays guys!!