Sharing My Thoughts on Drinking Alcohol + Why I Stopped

I am sure a handful of you are opening this blog post expecting some crazy juicy story all about why I stopped drinking.

But there really isn’t a huge story to tell. This is a personal choice I made a few years ago. And to be honest – I really don’t miss drinking whatsoever.

Let’s rewind a bit though and I can give you a little background here..

Growing up I experimented with alcohol a bit in high school. I was definitely someone who enjoyed parties and snuck vodka in my water bottle in restaurants with my friends to feel all “cool” and hip and whatever. But I was also super responsible, got good grades and didn’t drink or drive or put myself in any situations like that. I was a social drinker who was also probably obsessed with how rebellious I felt drinking alcohol knowing I was under 21. Really nothing too scandalous here besides getting busted by my parents a few times but thankfully for never anything serious.

Then I went to college and I definitely did not skip out on any type of social event or party my first couple of years. Heck – I was even social chair for my sorority my junior year. But I definitely went through phases were I was drinking a bit too much. Not in a way that put me and my health at risk in a scary way (at least to me), but more so a heavy social drinker. I loved going out and meeting new people and playing drinking games. I loved a good pre-game party and 100% was on of those people for a bit who would eat a little all day just to “get drunk faster” at night. Stupid? Yes but I have no regrets. Looking back I had the best college experience and I lived my life and heck – I fell in love with Jord! In fact – my first words to Jordan were “hey is there more beer in that fridge?!”.

But the vicious hangover was not getting cured as easily with bagels and greasy food anymore.

By the time I graduated college, I definitely settled down a bit. I wasn’t really into the whole “getting drunk” scene and to be honest – the hang over was just not worth it anymore. Not sure if it was just me but the hangovers got worse around age 22/23.

Plus I was very content in my relationship with Jord and didn’t feel the need to go out and black out anymore. And J is not a huge drinker. He loves the art of a cocktail and trying new wines and beers. But I have never seen him drunk. He’s a 1-2 drink kind of person, so it’s not like I am surrounded by someone who is obsessed with drinking.

When I stopped drinking..

It sounds dramatic but the last time I ordered a drink for myself was June 2, 2018 (the photo above!). And I only remember that date for a few reasons:

  1. It was my birthday
  2. It was the day I had my IUI and conceived Ezra and the doctor told me to enjoy myself – and I did
  3. I have a photo on my phone of me with a martini in hand

But why did I stop drinking?

The novelty just died down. Once I gave birth to Ezra, I never craved alcohol again. I was never someone who genuinely enjoyed the taste of alcohol or drank because they were obsessed with quality of wine and beer or whatever. I drank to get a buzz and be social with my friends and family. But now I just don’t feel the need to do that.

I know myself and if I have a couple drinks, I will likely keeping having more. Then the next day I will wake up, hungover af and not be the mother or wife or human I want to be.

Now this is does not mean that I am against drinking or have any type of judgment for those who drink. 90% of my close friends drink and some even still pound shots out at bars. I don’t care at all what other people do as long as they are safe, happy and don’t jeopardize anyone else’s life based off their drinking choices. Heck – my own family all drinks! My dad, brother and Jord go through mezcal bottles on vacation together and holidays in just days. Jord always has a cocktail on Friday and Saturday nights. My mother-in-law loves a nice glass of wine and martini and I love that people genuinely do what makes them happy. We even invested in a wine brand last year.

What I don’t love is when people get all judgmental and think because you don’t drink because you are either a recovering alcoholic. Or they assume that I am judging others for drinking or that I am so against alcohol. I still take sips of drinks when J orders something. Or when my family opens a bottle of wine, I love trying it and taking a sip. But I never crave more than that.

When it comes to new drinks like Juneshine, Spiked Spindrift and other brands we love – I always try everything. TBH I drink a booch everyday and I don’t really consider a Kombucha alcohol. This is why I don’t love the whole label of “I don’t drink”. It is so limiting. When summer was here especially, I loved having sips of some. I am not downing a can but I openly talk about that on IG. Jord and my fam are the resident Spiked Spindrift fans where my brother was drinking them all week long (lol). Juneshine has especially been amazing for Jordan while he cuts out gluten!

Will it stay like this forever? I have no idea. Do i have a strict “no drinking rule?”. Absolutely not. If I ever crave a drink or something again, of course I will have one. But for now I will stay away from hangovers and yes – enjoy a little *insert a leaf emoji here* from time to time.