Welcome back to our series of what we bought this month.

This is where you get the scoop on what we actually buy and can shop for these items too. This month was a mix of a few items I bought for my husband for the holidays, a few additions to my skin care routine, a couple of fun wardrobe items and a couple of items for the kids!

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Some of our favorite purchases of the month:

New Balance 9060 – These have been one of my latest favorite buys. I’ve been looking for a great pair of sneakers and these are great. I have never received more compliments on such a simple shoe!

My Kids New Sneakers – I really love dressing my kids and they are starting to share my excitement! These have been my latest purchase for their winter sneakers.

The Greta Bag – I needed a new small bag for going out and I found this one which I have been loving. And these flats are a *must*. SO comfy.

Canopy Humidifier – Once the weather gets cold and the heat is on in our house we wind up all suffering with dry and stuffy noses. We bought this humidifier for Cooper’s room.

Goop Youth-Boost Peptide Serum – I always love trying some different products to add to my skin care routine. This has been a great addition! I use it every single day in my routine.

Goop Glow Vitamin-C – I’ve recently added this to my weekly skin care routine and it’s been very helpful with puffy eyes. OBSESSED.

Squatty Potty – I bought my first squatty potty over two years ago and it’s still one of my favorite gifts. I added a second one to our home this month!

Whoop 4.0 – My husband has been looking for a new fitness and health tracker. I bought him the Whoop and he has been loving it! It tracks you fitness, stress, workouts and sleep.

Men’s Workout Shorts – These are from the same brand as my favorite leggings and Jord has been loving these work out shorts.

Lego Organizer – My kid’s have gotten so into Legos, which has been great and it’s so cool to see how their creative minds work. BUT the little pieces everywhere have been driving us crazy! This is a great way to keep them organized.

Video Conferencing Light – I was recently on a Zoom call with a business friend and I just had to ask her how she always looks so good on these video calls and she swears by this light to attach to your computer. I immediately bought it and WOW what a difference it makes!

Street Hockey Stick – We signed Ezra up for a street hockey league and he has been loving it. And we just ordered Brody the same stick because we wants to play too.

Resistance Bands – Jord has bee using these to work out since the pandemic and he still uses them! But last week he broke one of the bands and we got him some new ones.

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