We’re kicking off a monthly series to recap some of our favorite purchases of the month.

As a family of 5, it seems like everyday were ordering a new item for us, the house or for the kids. Here are some of the items we bought this month and have been loving so far. Don’t skip on the Lululemon dupe sweatshirt!

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Here’s what we bought during the month of October:

Walking Pad – these walking pads have been all the rage, and now I really understand the hype. I now have the option to get my walk in as the weather starts to turn cold plus it’s great for a quick afternoon pick me up. And Jordan has been using it more than me so far.

Standing Desk – once we bought the walking pad, I knew I would need a standing desk so I can easily use my laptop as I use the walking pad.

Black Leather Jacket – I bought this for my mother-in-law’s birthday and also got one for myself (oops lol). It’s definitely worth it for an “investment” piece! I have already worn it 5x.

My Favorite Jeans – Once I find a pair of jeans I love I will keep buying them over and over again. And these are it. I have had them for 5 years and needed a refresh pair to wear.

Denim Jacket – With fall coming around you can never have enough demin jackets, this is my latest fave. I love the shoulder part of this one.

My Amazon Sweatshirt – I’m obsessed with this sweatshirt and by the reaction of my Instagram stories so are you! It’s my top seller this month.

LMNT – These are my go to hydration packets, Jord and I love them. They have been great while breastfeeding and Jord likes to use them before or after a workout.

Kids Halloween Sweatshirt – I bought this for my boys earlier this month and they insisted on wearing it to school right away!

Wooden Step Stool – We’ve bought a few of these to keep around the house to help our kids reach the sink and counters. They are wooden and built well and match so well to our home decor.

Bathtub Caddy Organizer – Our boys love bringing what feels like every toy into the bath with them. Nothing is worse than wet and moldy toys! This basket is great to keep the toys organized but also dry them off!

Dyson Vacuum – With our kids constantly running around leaving a trail of crumbs and my feeling of always cleaning up a mess this has become our latest must have.

This post is sponsored by LMNT!!! Low key freaking out that LMNT is a SPONSOR! I have been using their killer electrolyte hydration packets for forever and they’re a dream partner of mine. I swear by them and they have no sugar, no artificial anything and they have the most delicious flavors. You can get a FREE SAMPLE PACK with *this link* no code needed! http://DrinkLMNT.com/Rachel

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