Welcome back to our series of what we bought this month. Featuring all of the random things we bought recently and are loving.

This is where you get the scoop on what we actually buy and can shop for these items too if you are in the mood. This month we added a few organization items for our car and some other great additions for our kitchen. don’t share things that we don’t own so all of these things are items we love and use. Especially the oil decanter, my obsession!! SO chic and affordable too thanks to the dupe one we bought.

You can always check out my Amazon Shop Page too where I put together shopping lists for myself, our home and kitchen, our kids, gift ideas and so much more. If you ever have requests too, let me know!!

Some of our favorite purchases of the month:

Outdoor Wine/Drinking Glasses – These are our favorite drinking glasses for outside. They are made of plastic but actually look great and they are stackable and so easy to store. I also bought more this week in colors!

Sunglasses – If you know me, then you know how much I am obsessed with these Amazon sunglasses. I have a few pairs and keep them in the car, in my bag so I always have a pair near. I also accidentally put them in the washing machine and they some how made it through! Oops.

Chin Masks – These have been my newest addition to my skincare routine. So easy to use and feels so great on my skin. Am I nuts? YUP but I will try many of things to be the teen mom I pretend to be.

Pajama Set – I’ve been loving these PJs, they are so soft and great to sleep in and lounge in. I just bought my mother-in-law a pair for Mother’s Day! She loves them.

Olive Oil Dispenser – I just love the look of this oil dispenser and it is so easy to use. I splurged on one a couple years ago that broke so I found this dupe – SO good.

Power Washer – I think my husband finds any reason to use his power washer in the summer time. This past weekend he was out cleaning our deck for over three hours!

Jewelry Bead Set – My husband bought this for me to do with our kids on Mother’s Day. We made so many fun bracelets to give their meme and grandma.

New Shoes – I bought myself a Mother’s Day / early birthday present. If you know me, then you know how hard it is for me to find comfortable shoes. Wish they were less expensive but I guess you only turn 34 once…

Boys Braided Belt – We started our oldest with golf lessons and had to get him a great looking belt for his cute golf outfits!

My favorite hair spray – I’ve been using this hairspray probably for the last 10 years and it still is the best I’ve tried.

Closet Lights – we added these lights to the crawl space under our steps we’re now using to store some of our kids bulkier toys.

Day Camp Items – We started getting all the items our oldest will need for his new day camp. I started adding all the essentials here.

Sea Salt Spray – My husband’s barber has been using this for a while and since we’ve cut Brody’s hair we needed something to style it with. This sea salt spray has worked great!

Custom Clothing Labels – We just ordered more of these for our kids clothes and other items for camp. They are waterproof and don’t fall off clothing easily. Hot tip: use your last name NOT your child’s first name so if you repeat things, you have one sticker not two.

Boys Briefs – These are the softest underwear and our kids have been loving them. This is probably the 4th set we’ve gotten.

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