10 Things I Use Every Single Day

June 9, 2020

    Sharing 10 Things I Use Every Single Day

    10 things i use every single day

    1. Major under eye helper + SPF – I don’t leave the house without this eye serum on and this SPF on. Plus TULA offers 15% off with my code RACHL
    2. Vacuum – all my mama and papas out there.. this one is a MUST.
    3. Non-toxic cleaning suppliesthis concentrate is life-changing!!! You can use it for everything. I am sharing more on this soon. Code RACHL for 15% off.
    4. Affordable white sneakers – I am on my 3rd pair of these sneakers. They are inexpensive, comfy and I think they look great with 99% of what I wear.
    5. Bralettes – now this is coming from the girl who hates bras. I only wear these bralettes and I am obsessed.
    6. Pink alligator hair clips – This is how I keep my hair in place for a week. I sleep with a high bun using these clips!
    7. Gua-sha – YUP I am on the train and I don’t plan on getting off of it. I use this one – nothing fancy.
    8. Lip balm – I love this one so much. Been using it for years! Code RACHL for 10% off.
    9. Trendy af fanny pack – I hate carrying a bag. I am always with this backpack or this fanny pack. I am obsessed with the brand as you know. It is on my baby registry must haves!
    10. AirPods case – the only way I can tell which is mine versus Jord’s. Plus it helps the airpods not get scratched and I have had this case for forever.

    xx, Rach

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