Sharing Ezra’s top 10 toys and favorite books and a 15-month check in!
HOW is my baby 15 months?! It is beyond crazy how fast the past few months have gone.

So far this is my favorite stage. Ezra is crawling and trying to walk around everywhere (not walking yet but seems like he will soon!). He has been babbling like crazy since he was 10 months. He loves to dance and bob his head. And he lives to “vroom vroom” in his toy car and is obsessed with anything fire truck and car related. Oh..and don’t even get me start on dogs! He stares out the window and “woof woofs” at them all day.

Ezra is still quite the eater. He is booming more particular for sure but he has the biggest appetite for everything. He will only eat certain things like chicken and eggs with ketchup. Wasn’t a fan of matzo balls or gnocchi last time we tried. But other than that, feeding him has been the best adventure. We didn’t follow baby led weaning or a specific method (more on that here and here).

I have been the best at rounding up my favorites each month for him, but I wanted to share some of Ez’s favorites over the last few months. These are all toys that have been great to have for many ages, which I prefer because I’m not into buying toys then only using them for a month or two.

Ezra’s top 10 favorite toys:

  1. Avocado guitar – Jordan’s brother got this for Ezra and figured it was “on brand” which it 10000% is. I love it and it plays music and most importantly it has an off button 😉
  2. Stacker rings – OMG these are Ezra’s ride or die guys. He loves these so much!! He hangs them on everything with a hook of sorts and has been loving them since like 4 months old.
  3. Fire trucks – “roooooom rooooom” wow does this kid love anything that is an automobile that makes a noise. Fire trucks IRL making noise are Ezra’s favorite. When we say “fire truck” he makes siren noises!! He loves them so much.
  4. Noah’s ark – Another Ez favorite. Is it a mama favorite? No because there are 500 pieces and it makes a mess but he loves it and it teaches him what animals are what and he has so much fun with it. Definitely recommend despite the mess!
  5. Soccer/sports set – My brother got this for Ezra. He is just starting to use it but he loves playing with the hoops and balls and it also has an off button from the music.
  6. Dump truck with shapes – This one is fun too. Has shapes and colors and a little man that Ez throws everywhere.
  7. Puzzles – so.many.puzzles! The easy kind like this one. His favorite are the ones with anything that has a motor like garbage truck, fire truck, anything! He carries the pieces around
  8. Mini race track– Another Ezra favorite since it has cars!
  9. Car for “vroom vroom” – The BEST GIFT EVER. Thanks to my parents who got this for Ezra. He hates the stroller now, only loves this to go outside.
  10. Mini piano – It is sooooo sweet watching him play this!!!
  11. Top 5 favorite books – plus a few books since Ezra loves reading and throwing books Pout Pout Fish, Doggie, Where’s Spot, Are You a Cow? and Goodnight Moon. We have these shelves.