Hospital Bag Checklist: What I am Bringing for Me + Baby

January 20, 2019

    Hospital Bag Checklist: What I am Bringing for Me and the Baby

    33 week maternity shoot!

    I was at the doctor’s office a few weeks ago, and the nurse (who I love!) so kindly reminded me it was time to start packing my hospital bag! At first I thought she was crazy since I was due 9 weeks from then, but then I started to do some research on what to bring and now I get why she told me to get my tush in gear. Now I am due in just a short 5 weeks and my bag is packed and ready to go. I tend to over pack for everything (as Jord knows) so my list may be a bit crazy, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Plus since we have a car, it’s not a pain to bring things anyways!

    some of what is going in this bag (it fits so much!)

    I will update this list after birth too to give you guys the full run down. Any mamas who have other recommendations on things to bring, let me know! J is also packing his own bag (pretty much what you’d bring for an overnight trip) and I am requesting an epic playlist to occupy us and ease any stress during the process.

    What’s in my hospital bag:

    • MZ Wallace Travel Jim bag (no surprise there, I’m obsessed with their bags!)
    • Shower shoes (aka rubber flip flops)
    • Skincare products
    • Haircare products: shampoo, conditioner, blow dryer (this one is the best!!), brush, hair clips + ties
    • Dental products: toothbrush, tooth paste, floss
    • Q tips (I’m weird about the quality of these .. )
    • Toilet paper (I personally DID use this! especially for #2)
    • Momwasher (heard this is a must but I didn’t use it since I had a c-section and the hospital one was fine)
    • Hatch Hospital Box (comes with robe, socks, pajamas and underwear and I LIVED in this in the hospital)
    • Extra set of comfy clothes/pajamas
    • 2 sets of socks
    • Nursing bra (one that can hold a pump like this one, I am obsessed!)
    • Outfit to go home in x2 (sweats + loose clothes! I should have packed one more pair of sweats since we were in hospital longer than expected)
    • Comfy shoes to wear (brought these)
    • Extension cord
    • Phone charger
    • Organic essential oils from Garden of Life + mini diffuser
    • Babe’s first outfit with caps (brought two options and Ezra peed through them in 5 minutes so I used the hospital stuff too)
    • Avocado blanket
    • Babe’s fuzzy jacket to go home in
    • Soap for baby (code RACHL)
    • Nursing pillow
    • A few different snacks + mints (packed meat sticks (code RACHL), granola I made, crackers (I ate two boxes of these in three days), snack bites (code RACHL for 15% off), Perfect Bars and dark chocolate)
    • Printed birth plan (that we didn’t follow whatsoever!)
    • Photo ID + insurance card
    • Reusable water bottle
    • Large towel
    • Pillow x2 + old pillow cases (in case it gets ruined)
    • Ear plugs (heard it can be noisy)
    • Install car seat for drive home!

    Things I snagged from the hospital to bring home:

    • Nipple guard + shields (great for anyone breastfeeding!)
    • UNDERWEAR! I am still wearing the hospital underwear. It is so comfy and sits well above my c-section scar)
    • Pads + tissue wipes

    Will update this after birth too to confirm I used it all and what is a waste. Also bringing things that work for me and how we are delivering. Not sharing birth plan until after 🙂

    xx, Rach


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      1. we are having it picked up to be made into capsules. it needs to say cool on ice when transported. more to come on my experience down the road! xx

    1. I highly suggest a battery powered candle to use as a nightlight when nursing. My friend brought me one to the hospital and it was genius!!

    2. I highly suggest a battery powered candle to use as a nightlight when nursing. My friend brought me one when I was at the hospital, and it was genius!

    3. Love how you’re getting your placenta encapsulated! I ingested mine and I definitely saw the benefits.

      I had to laugh at the toilet paper! I didn’t use toilet paper AT ALL for days…the hospital will hopefully provide you one but you can also bring your own just in case. I put witch hazel and warm water in mine. Manuka honey might be good to bring if you get stitches- it helps the healing and also provides a barrier so your pee doesn’t sting the wound. Another good thing to do ahead of time is make “Padsicles” (open nighttime pads and pour on witch hazel and freeze) to put in your underwear or diaper (lol) have someone you know is visiting the hospital bring this for you!

      I did not intend to write this much haha but good luck with everything! Motherhood is so so wonderful ❤️

      1. yes, very excited! being that i may be in hospital longer than expected, i am bringing my own TP. if i don’t use it – oh well i can bring it back home but would rather be safe than sorry if i am there for a bit 😉 thanks for the tips! xx

    4. As someone who had a baby 5 months ago… you are GOOD!! You have an awesome list and everything I would suggest is covered! I would reiterate bringing your own towel( I had a bad experience with the hospital scratchy towels and tiny size- was like a washcloth!). I would also say good call on the baby blanket… those are also really rough on baby skin.
      Not sure what your birth plan is, but I had a photograph of a place I really loved and I looked at it during contractions to distract myself and think of happier places. I also did essential oils in the bath during contractions too. Maybe a mini speaker – not sure if that was on your list. My hospital didn’t have a sound system:( good luck!!!!

    5. So happy for you! I just delivered my first 6 weeks ago and have been over here cheering you on during your pregnancy. I packed nursing jammies and a cute robe too, but found that I just stayed in the hospital gown after delivery because it was easiest to nurse in. Plus the nurses come in constantly to make sure you’re nursing, your uterus is contracting, and to change out your hoohaw ice pack. So that gown was easier for me. And full disclosure, I temporarily lost all bladder control right after labor and my own pjs would have been ruined and also gotten in the way during my painfully slow yet frantic hobble to the bathroom. Don’t worry, you get control back if that happens to you. 🙂 Definitely recommend socks you don’t mind throwing out afterward. Hospital floors are icky. The best thing I brought with me were facial cleansing wipes. I couldn’t stand up long enough after delivery to even consider a shower – it’s literally like running a marathon no matter how you go about it – and the sink is hard to do anything in except brush your teeth. Those wipes were amazing and helped me feel human. And you’ll definitely want those snacks for post delivery and the next day or so you’re there. Mom washer is a MUST. But they should give you a hospital one so you can keep your clean one at home if you want. I also recommend the Earth Mama postpartum products. Slather that perineal balm on several times a day as soon as you can. And take home allllll the pads they give you. You’ll be granny panty status for a while. 🙂 probably more info than you’re interested in but figured I’d share in case any of it is helpful. So happy for you and wishing you a fast and easy delivery!

      1. yes! since i may be there longer than expected (if he is born early), i wanted to bring extra pajamas and clothes that i can wear. i plan to wear the hospital gown for the first couple days, but if i am there longer that isn’t going to be comfy! i have the wipes too and TONS of cleansing face wash with me. thanks for the advice! xx

    6. If you’re not wanting to use the hospital blankets, you’ll need to pack more than one! I’m a postpartum nurse and babies go through so many blankets, sometimes just needing to be double wrapped, peed on, blood, etc. The blanket is super cute though!

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