Hospital Bag Checklist: What I am Bringing for Me and the Baby

33 week maternity shoot!

I was at the doctor’s office a few weeks ago, and the nurse (who I love!) so kindly reminded me it was time to start packing my hospital bag! At first I thought she was crazy since I was due 9 weeks from then, but then I started to do some research on what to bring and now I get why she told me to get my tush in gear. Now I am due in just a short 5 weeks and my bag is packed and ready to go. I tend to over pack for everything (as Jord knows) so my list may be a bit crazy, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Plus since we have a car, it’s not a pain to bring things anyways!

some of what is going in this bag (it fits so much!)

I will update this list after birth too to give you guys the full run down. Any mamas who have other recommendations on things to bring, let me know! J is also packing his own bag (pretty much what you’d bring for an overnight trip) and I am requesting an epic playlist to occupy us and ease any stress during the process.

What’s in my hospital bag:

  • MZ Wallace Travel Jim bag (no surprise there, I’m obsessed with their bags!)
  • Shower shoes (aka rubber flip flops)
  • Skincare products
  • Haircare products: shampoo, conditioner, blow dryer (this one is the best!!), brush, hair clips + ties
  • Dental products: toothbrush, tooth paste, floss
  • Q tips (I’m weird about the quality of these .. )
  • Toilet paper (I personally DID use this! especially for #2)
  • Momwasher (heard this is a must but I didn’t use it since I had a c-section and the hospital one was fine)
  • Hatch Hospital Box (comes with robe, socks, pajamas and underwear and I LIVED in this in the hospital)
  • Extra set of comfy clothes/pajamas
  • 2 sets of socks
  • Nursing bra (one that can hold a pump like this one, I am obsessed!)
  • Outfit to go home in x2 (sweats + loose clothes! I should have packed one more pair of sweats since we were in hospital longer than expected)
  • Comfy shoes to wear (brought these)
  • Extension cord
  • Phone charger
  • Organic essential oils from Garden of Life + mini diffuser
  • Babe’s first outfit with caps (brought two options and Ezra peed through them in 5 minutes so I used the hospital stuff too)
  • Avocado blanket
  • Babe’s fuzzy jacket to go home in
  • Soap for baby (code RACHL)
  • Nursing pillow
  • A few different snacks + mints (packed meat sticks (code RACHL), granola I made, crackers (I ate two boxes of these in three days), snack bites (code RACHL for 15% off), Perfect Bars and dark chocolate)
  • Printed birth plan (that we didn’t follow whatsoever!)
  • Photo ID + insurance card
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Large towel
  • Pillow x2 + old pillow cases (in case it gets ruined)
  • Ear plugs (heard it can be noisy)
  • Install car seat for drive home!

Things I snagged from the hospital to bring home:

  • Nipple guard + shields (great for anyone breastfeeding!)
  • UNDERWEAR! I am still wearing the hospital underwear. It is so comfy and sits well above my c-section scar)
  • Pads + tissue wipes

Will update this after birth too to confirm I used it all and what is a waste. Also bringing things that work for me and how we are delivering. Not sharing birth plan until after 🙂

xx, Rach