Today, we are 21 weeks pregnant! I cannot believe we are more than halfway there until our little dude is here in this world.

21 week bump update
after our anatomy scan at 20.5 weeks!

I haven’t done an update on the blog since the end of my first trimester, and I know how these blog posts can be so helpful for us to have. For any future mama’s to be and even when the pregnancy is over and I am wondering about how I felt. It’s like an online diary of sorts. I personally used to read so many different blogger’s pregnancy updates and am always so fascinated on how they are feeling, what changes happen each week, their favorite products and more. I am going to try to do an update every couple of weeks until the end of the pregnancy. Now that we are past the half way point, I notice that my body is changing so much faster than it was for the first 4 months of pregnancy – it is crazy!

First things first, what has been going on with doctor visits? We continue to see our OB GYN every 4 weeks. I know we start to see her every 3 weeks then 2 weeks as the due date approaches but we’re still on the monthly visits for now. We also just had our anatomy scan at the hospital I’m delivering at this week. It was insane and so cool to see our bub up on the big screen. For those wondering what the anatomy scan is, it is a very in-depth ultra sound that makes sure the baby is growing how it should, the skull/brain look good and it measures the size of the baby.

Our little dude (that is what I call him to those who don’t know the name!) is 13.1 ounces, has all the key parts and we saw his fingers, toes, everything at the scan. They also do a crazy cool screen that actually shows you what the baby looks like. Usually it is a side profile since they don’t have much body fat and the doctor says it can be a little scary seeing them straight on. When we went for the scan, my parents and Jord were with me. It took about an hour to see everything and when we got the print outs I couldn’t believe how much our baby looks like Jordan already. Same shape head and cheek bones. It is so amazing and it definitely makes Jord feel even more connected to the baby since he doesn’t carry him around all day 😉

Since the second trimester started, there have been many changes happening over here in how I feel everyday. Not too much has changed food wise. Still no crazy cravings! Just eating more than usual and fueling my body!

It is truly crazy how fast this is going. I was walking with Jord outside the other night and started tearing up that it is halfway over. I have never loved a process so much. Being pregnant and having this beautiful bump makes me so happy.

Now let’s get to the juicy stuff…

21 week bump update
20 week bump!
21 week bump update
21 week bump!

Here are a few of my main updates 21 weeks in:

  • Bad taste in my mouth after dinner – this is random, I know. But every night after dinner and dessert I get the most awkward taste in my mouth. I have to brush my teeth and floss usually 30 minutes later or less. I think it is an indigestion type thing after eating but pretty random. If I go out for dinner or am out for the night, I make sure to pack mints or gum with me so I don’t get uncomfortable talking to anyone. I like to get this gum (no aspartame).
  • Stomaches after larger meals – this started just after the first trimester. I have always had “stress pains” I call them, which are pretty much upper abdominal cramps. They’re not gas pains or in my lower stomach but about 2 inches above my belly button and around my ribs. They were really bad from weeks 14-17 and when I went to the doctor, she recommended eating smaller meals and not consuming so much at once. I already am a big snacker and eat frequently but I also started to slow the beep down when chewing. This has been really helpful and (knock on wood) no stomaches the last couple weeks. I also was using digestive enzymes for a few days when I ate dinner and it helped.
  • Constipation a couple days a week – this is HUGE you guys. Sorry for anyone who doesn’t like to talk about poop but as a self-proclaimed professional pooper, constipation does not make me a happy camper. I have been feeling constipated a couple days a week now. Jord and I are very very open with each other (hello 8.5 years of being together) and when I was 18 weeks pregnant, I woke up that morning and could not go to the bathroom. Coming from the girl who goes like clockwork every single day at 8am no matter where in the world I am. I’m going to be sharing a full blog post on pooping while pregnant because I have SO many tips to share with you guys. Things that can work for anyone whether you’re pregnant or not. Definitely have a better handle on this now and I have learned that it is really common in pregnancy. Aka when I frantically messaged 12 of my friends who have had kids asking them if they ever couldn’t poop during pregnancy. They all laughed at me and assured me it was 100% common. More on this here.
  • Gassy – Week 19 rolls around and apparently gassiness came to join too. Jord always jokes I do not ever have gas (which is true). From either end, I’m pretty boring. But I think the more my stomach is changing and the babe is growing, it’s giving me a bit more gas than usual (you’re either shaking your head I’m gross or agreeing right now, right?!). Haven’t done much for this but just letting it take it’s course.
  • Insane thirst – I have always drank like a fish and peed every 30 minutes but wow! This trimester really took it to a whole new level. I can down 4 mason jars of water within 10 minutes and still be thirsty. I cannot make it through a workout class without refilling my water bottle and peeing half way through. I also notice my thirst is a lot more intense at night. I carry around this water bottle with me everywhere and keep refilling it. I love the it’s dishwasher safe too. When we did the anatomy scan and I drank, I could see our little dude drinking fluid as soon as I was drinking my water. Clearly someone is hogging all the water I’m chugging..
  • Backaches – again something I haven’t ever experienced. We bought a really cheap heating pad that is my BFF at night. I lay on the couch or sit with it at the kitchen table from 6pm – on. I really helps alleviate tension in my lower back. I also have been getting prenatal massages every 4 weeks (I use this service – code RACHL for $20 off). This really helps too and when I get a manicure I always get the extra 10 minute massage at the end. As I’m growing in front, my backaches even more.
  • Bump is HERE – if you follow me on Instagram, you see my weekly bump selfies in the mirror. Safe to say, little dude popped around 17/18 weeks and has been growing ever since. I think from week 20-21 I had the biggest growth so far and I hear from this point on he will keep on growing until the end. It is SO cool to see this happen you guys. For once I have a stomach and it’s not from food or eating too much – it’s because I’m growing a BABY! I lather oil and body butter daily to help with stretch marks and I heard this works wonders. I personally get stretch marks very easily so I’m curious if this will help my skin or not. Stay tuned on that end. But you can find me lubing up my stomach, ass, boobs and thighs for about 15 minutes everyday. Jord looks at me like I’m crazy when I say I’m excited to oil my stomach up. It’s truly one of my favorite habits right now. Plus when I do it, I can see where the baby is laying. If my left side is sticking out more, that’s usually where his feet are. It is so magical to see!
  • Sleeping on my side – thanks to the handy bump app on my phone, I was told at 18 weeks to start sleeping on my side only. I am a back and side sleeper so this isn’t too horrible for me but I found myself waking up in the middle of the night on my back way too much. I started to sleep with this body pillow and it is amazing. I put it on my right side and it reminds me to stay on my side when I roll over. And I sleep with it between my legs when I am laying on my right side. It does take up a decent amount of space in our little queen bed, but so far it hasn’t been an issue. I highly recommend one.

A few of my favorite must-have’s so far during pregnancy and things I have stocked up on for when the babe arrives:

More updates, info + fun things (inspired by this fabulous mama blogger!):

  • Due date: February 22nd
  • Size of baby: 13.1 ounces (size of an endive)
  • Name picked out? Yup! But not sharing with everyone until he’s born 🙂
  • Sleep: sleeping 8 hours a night! Peeing 2x each night
  • Missing anything? fried eggs + lox
  • Exercise: walking lots each day and working out about 4x a week at The Class by TT and barre3 (just modifying for me)
  • Food cravings: nothing too new. Usual carbs, meat and all the desserts!
  • Feeling sick? only when standing on the path train or subway with no seat
  • Belly button: still in!
  • Feelings on bump: LOVING every single moment of having one. It is such an awesome experience and I am so grateful to be carrying our baby. Especially after the journey to get here.

That’s all for now! Can’t wait to share more with you guys soon.

xx, Rach