Welcome back to our series of what we bought this month.

This is where you get the scoop on what we actually buy and can shop for these items too. This month we updated a few items in our kitchen and around our home plus added a few items we need for the winter months.

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Some of our favorite purchases of the month:

Eufy Car Vacuum – SO yes we bought another car vacuum, now we have one for each car and it’s still the best thing we use on a weekly if not daily basis.

Long Down Jacket – I thought my husband was going to lose it when I ordered another winter coat, but hey you need lots of options when you live in the North East.

New Jeans – If you’ve been following along for a while you know that when I find a pair of jeans I love I wind up getting multiple pairs over the course of a few years. I love the way these fit.

Handheld LightStim – I tried microneedling on my face for the first time this month and this handheld red light therapy was so helpful in the recovery.

Ride On Car for Kids – It’s our oldest son’s birthday at the end of the month and we’re so excited to gift him this. We went with the two seater so he won’t fight with his younger brother to get a ride (hopefully).

Era Organics Superbalm – The winter weather has been drying out my kids skin. We tried out this balm and its been so hydrating.

MadeIn Quarter Sheet Pan – These have been my go-to sheet pans and this month I added the quarter sheet pan size which has been great and I can now fit multiple in my oven at once.

Veggie Chopper – I bought this for my husband, he is so particular with how his veggies are cut and in my opinion wastes so much time with his meticulous chopping. This has been a great time saver!

MadeIn Cast Iron Skillet – This cast iron skillet has been one of the stars of my One Pan Dinner series oven on Instagram. I love how its great on the stove and in the oven.

Kids Snow Suit – We had snow earlier this week for the first time in what feels like years and we were able to break out these cute snow suits I bought for the kids. They’re so fun and the color is on point.

Kids Bed Sheets – Our boys needed a refresh on their bed sheets. I prefer to buy organic cotton for their sheets and these look and feel great. Not sure if organic is too boogie, but whatever!

Sink Scrub – We just re-ordered this sink scrub, nothing is worse than a dirty sink (in my opinion) and this gentle scrub is a great way to keep our kitchen sink looking brand new.

Checkers Board – We want to teach our 5 year old how to play checkers so picked up this board to start playing with him.

Canopy Humidifier – The dry air in our house has been drying out our toddlers skin and nose. We added this humidifier into his room to help add back some mositure while he sleeps and naps.

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