What’s in My Hospital Bag Round Two!

Ummmm anyone remember when Jord so politely asked me *not* to overpack for the hospital again?! Meanwhile the list I brought last time was exactly what we flipping needed and used.. I consider myself a decent packer. Sure on vacations (lol whatever those were), I tend to over pack, but for the hospital with Ez I did nail it the first time.

I used basically every single item we packed and referenced that list when I was making this one. It was just the right amount of stuff and it all fits in a smaller duffel/carry on bag. Now this time around I do plan on packing all of my food in a separate bag. But that is because we are still in the middle of COVID and my mom can’t bring me snacks all day like last time!

Here’s what is in my hospital bag, using this bag:

  1. Night gown and this robe: I lived in night gowns at the hospital. Oversized and baggy and just what I wanted post labor. Especially with c-section this time around – everything loose!
  2. Mom washer: just incase I have a vaginal birth this time
  3. 2 outfits for baby: I packed newborn sizes/gowns (last time Ez stayed in hospital clothes basically the whole time)
  4. 2 blankets for baby: really just for photos and such
  5. Jacket for baby to go home in
  6. Travel size hair products + dental products + face wash, etc: I went into labor with 9 day dirty hair so I had to wash it there. Fingers crossed I will not do that this time but packing just incase
  7. Blow dryer + curling wand: again just incase
  8. Toilet paper – um yes this is a must when they give you cardboard TP
  9. Pair of slippers/slip on shoes – I will likely wear these the whole time we are there
  10. Shower shoes/flip flops
  11. Pumping bra – I use hospital pump when I am there
  12. Large towel for shower
  13. Extension cord + phone charger
  14. Photo ID + insurance card
  15. Outfit to go home in – something sweatpants and loose
  16. SNACKS!!!
  17. Not packing: a birth plan (pointless in my opinion – I go with the flow here), socks, underwear, diapers, bottles! The hospital provides this for you

That’s a wrap!! Now fingers crossed this baby stays in the womb for 4-5 more weeks – EEK!