Here are some go to gift ideas for this father’s day. I had my husband, Jord, put together a list of some of his favorite items for Father’s Day. There should be something here for everyone, if they need something for golf, grilling, fitness or yard work!

We also have been curating more items over on Amazon, check out our Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

Gas Grill – We bought this grill two years ago and it has been great. The size is perfect for our young family and the extra sear burner is great when cooking steak and my favorite grilled salmon!

Bushnell Golf Rangefinder – Jord told me to get this for my dad last fathers day. If your dad or husband are golfers and don’t have a rangefinder this would be the perfect Father’s Day Gift.

G/FORE Golf Shoes – These have been on Jord’s list of new golf gear to get this year.

Whoop fitness tracker – This is a perfect gift for the guy in your life who loves staying active, working out, or is just looking to gather more information on their health. Jord has been using his for the past six months and loves it.

Wet Vacuum – You know how obsessed I am with our wet vacuum. This is a must buy for the cleaning obsesses guy in your life.

Cordless Hedge Trimmer – Jord and my dad we’re outside last weekend and next thing I know they have the hedge trimmer out cleaning up the bushes and trees in our yard.

Workout shirt – These are such a great option for workout shirts. They look and feel like any of the top athleisure brands out there right now, for a fraction of the cost!

Workout Shorts – Same with these shorts they are great dupes and perfect for working out or just wearing out and about.

Power Washer – Another one of my husband’s favorites. I feel like he just finds any excuse to use the power washer. He uses it weekly to wash the cars, last week he cleaned our deck, who knows what else he does with it!

Grilling tools – Jord is a master griller but doesn’t love all the bells and whistles of some of the new grill gadgets. This set is perfect and gets the job done.

Car Washing set – My dad is a huge car guy and has always washed his own cars, he won’t take them to a car wash. This is a great starter set with everything you need.

Running Shoes – If you know me, then you know I’m obsessed with these sneakers, Jordan was actually the one who turned me on to them years ago and we still wear them!

Golf Balls – Always a safe bet to get for any golfer for Father’s Day.

Portable Charger – This is something great to have if you commute to work or travel a lot.

Power Drill – If the guys in your life like to build or fix things themselves this is always a great gift option.