Our Home Reveal: Playroom Edition! Sharing how we designed our playroom for our 3 year old and 1 year old and everything we ordered for it.

Welcome to Ezra and Brody’s playroom!! This was the very first room we put together when we moved in. And it is one of my favorites!! The second you walk in, it feels like a calming, playful and just happy place. And it is exactly what I had envisioned for the boys.

What I had in mind for the play room…

I wanted to make sure that the moment our kids came into our new house, they felt at home. And they had something special and were excited to be there. This was a big life change for us all. And Ezra especially being almost 3 years old at the time, he is hyper aware of change. As soon as he walked into their new playroom, I knew we had done good!

Our playroom is on the second floor in our home. We use one of the bedrooms upstairs as a playroom as we felt it would be a better use for us than another bedroom. Ez and B spend 80% of their day in there. Of course when it is warmer they’ll go outside. But besides bath time and whenever they eat, they are hanging in there doing whatever! They color, play, with the endless toys, read books, etc. We also love hosting play dates in here with friends. It’s nice because it minimizes the amount of toys on our main floor. We keep a few faves downstairs too, but majority of their toys are stored in the playroom.

We wanted to make this a Montessori-inspired space. Something that can grow with them over time and I wanted to keep things neutral.

All of the toys and furniture we have allows them to have control over what they want to play with as well as help put things away. You will also noticed no TV in the room – we have one in our bedroom and the family room so we just use that space for television and movies.

Here’s the run down on everything we ordered to bring this room to life:

  • Bookcases – I ordered these wooden ones to store some books. We keep books half in the attic and half in the playroom. And we rotate them every few months to keep things exciting and “new”.  I had the plastic ones in our apartment and these hold books better and also just look nicer.
  • Cushion for under the book shelves – I love these so much. We have one downstairs and also one in the “reading nook”. It also doubles as a changing pad to me ha!
  • Montessori style wooden shelves – I wanted to keep al lot of the toys accessible and in site for the boys. That way they can make their own decisions and pick the toys they want to play with and also help put away.
  • White cubby shelves – Ashley recommended these to me for organizing. And I love them! They also help teach the kids to “clean” and another way to keep toys accessible.
  • Play table and chairs – we have one of these tables downstairs and upstairs. Great for coloring and crafts and the boys love to eat and sit there now too, which is why we ordered another one (code RACHLFF)
  • Art easel – LOVE using this!! Ezra is loving arts and crafts so we likely will bring this outside in the summer to paint on too.
  • Grocery store set – We went with this instead of a kitchen for the playroom. We will probably get a kitchen too soon, but trying to space things out as well.
  • Wall decals – I LOVE the way these brown suns turned out. I asked Kenna Sato Designs to make these for us and they are gorgeous. Shout out to Jord for spending hours evenly putting these on the wall too. They look so good!! And we did the large one over the playable. code RACHL for 20% off.
  • Rug – this is the rug we ordered for the room. I didn’t want one that stretched across the entire room so this is just in the center.
  • Lighting fixture – Arielle helped us find this and I am obsessed!! Adds such a nice decor/sophisticated vibe yet it is still playful.

Some of our kid’s favorite toys to play with right now:

What else do you want to know?! x

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