Sharing our Top 10 Ride or Die Baby Things. 3 kids in, we have favorites when it comes to which baby items are worth and which are not.

3 kids in and I do think we have a solid idea on what baby items are worth, and which are not. We also have favorites when it comes to specific brands for the baby things we have.

I have tried a lot at this point. And I’m not a parent who likes to keep unnecessary items around either. It can be really overwhelming and confusing on what to buy or register for. So that is why I want to break down my top 10 items for you guys.

These are the things we have personally loved and used for our babies. But if there is one thing you get from this blog post – it should be that not everything works for every baby. Each baby is different in its preferences and what works for them. So use this as a guide and try to get things that are returnable or can easily be sold on Facebook marketplace or wherever. We have tried a lot and disliked a lot.

These are the items we continue to love and use from baby to baby in our family. Think of this list as the favorites for babies 5 months and under too. It’s not inclusive of every single thing, but definitely the 10 necessities for infants/newborns.

Our top 10 favorite baby items:

  1. Car seat/stroller duo – if you live in the suburbs especially, invest in one of these! Cooper is still in this and we use it every single day. It’s easy to use, very straight forward and it saved Cooper’s life in the accident. Forever obsessed.
  2. Baby bouncer – we used this baby bouncer for all of our babies. And we currently feed Cooper in it since he doesn’t full sit up yet in a high chair. Cover is machine washable and they sell toy attachments that clip on.
  3. Play gym (code RACHL) – I love this play gym so much as does Cooper. The mirror attachment, the teeth toys that hang from it and the machine washable blanket/mat. It’s 100% the best one and the most aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Weighted sleep sack (code RACHL for 20% off) – believe the hype. I have the sleep sacks and swaddles. They work well, come in so many colors and Cooper loves his too.
  5. Sounds machine/night light – all of us have this (including Jordan and I) in our rooms. My kids love the lights and the colors and it has a bunch of sound settings and you can control it from your phone as well.
  6. Diaper pale – not the most glamorous but 100% necessary. I also think this is the nicest one of any and I have had the same one for all 3 kids so just shows how the quality is great. Don’t forget the bags too.
  7. Non-fabric changing pad + scale – I love this changing pad so much. I have had this for all my babies and it is so much easier to clean than a fabric one. Wipe it when pee or poop gets on. And my babies never complained or seem uncomfortable on the pad even though it’s not a “cushion”.
  8. Walking stroller – forever a Bugaboo girlie. I have had one since Ezra. It’s worth every $$ and if you are in a city or urban setting, it is top quality. I also love the double stroller with side-by-side option. Not a fan of Uppababy because I don’t like one kid basically sitting on sidewalk when you’re walking. And I find the Bugaboo a smoother ride.
  9. Pacifiers – team pacifiers for life. I prefer this for peace of mind that baby is breathing when sleeping. I like this over thumbs (don’t @ me – personal opinion). And I have never had an issue taking it away around age 2. I also don’t allow the pacifier unless sleeping or eating (helps when introducing solids).
  10. Baby carrier – I love this carrier because it’s easy to use and put on yourself. I feel the baby is super supported and it’s machine washable. Many carriers are so hard to get on yourself (at least for me).