Basically not leaving the house before the baby comes means a ton of online ordering is happening over here.

Here’s a round up of everything I have ordered so far in January. Mostly for Ezra (story of my life…) and I am so excited about these finds. A ton of cute and aesthetically pleasing toddler things. Which is a dream when you are the pickiest mama like I am over here. Plus a few things for myself and I started saving some faves for the baby too. But only order one thing so far! I will share more on that soon.

  1. Baby bibs.// one of the few things I am not reusing from Ez include BIBS! We went through them like crazy. I found these super soft ones that I ordered.
  2. Ezra’s pajamas // Ez outgrows pajamas in literally 2 seconds. I just bought him some couple months ago but the king bubba is on some growth spurt. I ordered these new ones and they are cute, not crazy cheesy and still have “vroom vrooms” on them. Plus they come in so many colors.
  3. Ezra’s slippers // I bought these for Ez to use instead of the bootie ones I ordered last month. They weren’t comfortable for him and so far he is loving these moccasin type ones. So much easier to get on and off!
  4. Ezra’s socks // Yes – I am even picky with the socks Ez has. But these are thick, warm and love the colors they come in.
  5. My winter jacket // This is my 3rd purchase of this jacket in 3 years. I wear it daily so you can imagine how much wear and tare it goes. I love the black one and I usually get XS. It also has been maternity friendly since it unzips on the side too.
  6. Ezra’s winter boots // For the next snow storm! Ez wasn’t into the first snow storm here but kid lives for his rain boots. These were great price and had solid reviews.
  7. New AirPods case // We bought new AirPods when they were on sale and I swear by having a case for them. I ordered this popsicle ice cream one and now Ez just calls it “din din” all day ha!
  8. Bowls for ezra // Dishwasher and microwave safe.. need I say more?
  9. Step stool for ezra // For the hand washing and when Ez brushes his teeth aka fights me for 5 minutes while I shove a toothbrush into his mouth.
  10. Ezra’s new underwear // We started potty training and clearly it isn’t nearly done yet. But got him some cute underwear to make him a little more excited. A pro tip from my mama!