• Thank you so much for sharing!! xx …

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    thank you so much for sharing!! xx

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    36 Week Bump Update
    awwww thank you for sharing!! xx

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    Gluten-free Pecan Carrot Cookie Cake (egg-free +grain-free)
    since coconut sugar is grainy i wouldn’t recommend it!

    The Best Healthy Snickerdoodle Cake Bars (gluten-free + dairy-free)
    liquid coconut oil is melted. solidified is when it is in solid form!

    My Truth About Breastfeeding
    it is so so true! thanks mama!

    My Truth About Breastfeeding
    aww!! sending you guys love. pumping stinks.i have been getting lazy with it but i try to at least once a day now to save up milk if i’m not with ez!! xx

    My Favorite Healthy + Delicious Nut-free Dessert Recipes
    awww!! xx