Why You Don’t See the Nutrition Breakdown On My Recipes..

This was one of the first blog posts I ever shared back in 2015. And now after blogging now for almost 6 years – it was time to bring this baby back up with a little refresh.

I have never felt the urge to include the calories, fat, carbs, sugar, etc. for any of my recipes. And this is for a few different recipes that you will see below. I know that many do indeed want this included and believe me – I am not purposely trying to make your life challenging or not give you the information you want. I made the decision not to include the nutritional information for my recipes a very long time again and I have never regretted it once.

Every time I redo my blog or work with an SEO wizard, they always tell me to start including it. It ranks better for SEO, etc. But even if it will help my blog recipes reach more eyes and win over Google’s heart – it just isn’t happening. It isn’t a part of my brand and if you have my cookbook, you read all about it in there too.

I know that many do indeed have a healthy relationship with food and some are also on weight loss journeys or have to know certain breakdowns for health purposes. Or maybe they are just genuinely curious. And there is nothing wrong with that at all. In fact – I alway recommend going to one of the online calculators to get the breakdown if you wish, which many do.

But here’s why you don’t see the nutrition information on any of my recipes:

Reason #1: I was obsessed with counting calories and carbs and everything for all the wrong reasons.

I have been a calorie counter in the past and it just didn’t work for me. My mind was brainwashed into thinking that staying under a certain calorie threshold was what I had to do every single day and it was the only way to be “healthy”. Meanwhile my relationship with food couldn’t have been more unhealthy if I tried. I cut out foods out of fear if the carbs and fat and I missed out on a lot of really good food during that time. I let the numbers consume me mentally and it took a toll on me physically (more on that in this podcast episode!).

Half a dozen years later, I don’t count calories, macros, carbs, fat or anything. But I fully recognize that this works for some and I applaud you if you can do this without getting carried away – I am just not someone who can. Once I began eating mostly whole and real foods, I lost track of calories and focused on quality over quantity. I stopped caring about the carbs in potatoes and bread and the fat in avocados and oils and things. In fact, I am less bloated (sans pregnancy of course) and feel better now than when I was obsessively eating low fat and low carb foods and counting every morsel or crumb that made its way into my body.

Reason #2: Numbers can ruin the enjoyment of eating food that fuels are bodies and souls

I used to say no to food when I didn’t know the calorie breakdown. How crazy is that? Someone would offer me a cookie or homemade brownie and instead of jumping for it and asking myself if I truly wanted it – I would immediately say no because I didn’t know the caloric intake of that cookie. I wouldn’t eat food that I couldn’t add to my calorie dairy for the day. It took away the enjoyment and the love and passion that goes into homemade recipes. Especially desserts. And while sure, some desserts may be loaded with calories and fat and sugar and whatever – it doesn’t matter to me anymore. If I want the crumb cake or am craving the blueberry muffin at the bakery or at a friend’s house, it is happening. And when I actually started to let myself eat whatever I craved, the overeating started. And I stopped feeling like food was taunting me like it is the enemy. Food became fuel and gave me joy instead of fear.

Reason #3: Calories aren’t indicative of if a food is healthy

This took me a bit to finally understand. I used to think that because foods like avocado and nuts and oil are higher in fat and calories, that means it is unhealthy. And I am better off eating a 100 calorie pack or non-fat yogurt. Oh – and don’t forget those 90 calorie chewy granola bars. Meanwhile once I turned the label over and saw what the beep was in all of those filler foods – I almost fell over. I was so consumed over a food being low in fat and calories, that I didn’t even care about the actual ingredients and if I was fueling my body. Turns out they are all filled with ingredients I cannot pronounce. I now choose to eat wholesome foods in their natural form whenever possible. Not heavily processed snacks with unnecessary additives. I can also go into more on this soon with the ingredients that are icky if you’d like!

Reason #4: You have the option to find the nutrition information whenever you want

Now with all of this being said – I get it if you still need or want the nutritional information. I know that many do and I 100% respect that everyone is different in what works for them. You can use many of the online nutrition calculators online to figure out the recipe calorie breakdown. You just copy and paste the recipe from my blog and it will give you the information needed. There are tons of options. And I so appreciate you taking the time to do so and still enjoying my recipes even if it isn’t something I am providing for you.


Please know my intention is to do what makes my community the happiest and most fulfilled. This is just a topic I am so passionate about for personal reasons. And I know many of you guys are in a similar position.