• All my dark chocolate chips have dairy in them. Do …

    Comment on Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Snack Bars (gluten-free) by Mary.

    All my dark chocolate chips have dairy in them. Do you recommend a specific brand as this is a dairy free recipe? Thanks!

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    The collagen is an expensive item to throw in muffins, so I appreciate that you mention that it’s not necessary. If not using, would you fill that void with anything else or just leave it out without substitution? These look so good!

    The Best Paleo Brownie Crinkle Cookies (nut-free + gluten-free)
    These were really delicious! made them today to take camping!! Followed recipe except I subbed chocolate chips for the chocolate bar! I have given up trying to find a gluten free chocolate chip cookie that is close enough to the real deal in texture, so this is a nice diversion, really yummy and I don’t have to be disappointed that its not quitttttte the chocolate chip cookie Im searching for! Thanks for a great recipe!

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    This looks delicious! What are sprouted outs, can I do that myself somehow? And if not can I sub regular oats?

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    im striking out on every almond flour or paleo flour cookie I make these days. All sooooo dry and oddly tasteless. These like moist and worth a try!