Sharing some of the best items at Trader Joe’s to stock up on! And our personal family favorites.
All my Trader Joe’s friends!! This is probably the most informal post ever. I mean just look at the photos I have – ha!! But this is going to be one of the most popular blog posts ever. You guys always want more scoop on the grocery store and everything we love and stock up on. I am so happy to hear that there are other people out in the universe who are just as obsessed with grocery stores as I am.

Here are a handful of our favorite items at Trader Joe’s! Which have you tried?! What did we miss? Let us know!!

  1. Organic rice/grains – best price point ever!

  2. Organic popcorn – truly the BEST popcorn ever!! I eat a whole bag in a sitting

  3. Organic eggs – I prefer pasture-raised but this price is great and we go through so many eggs!

  4. Yogurt – Ezzie loves this yogurt so much.

  5. New Zealand cheddar cheese – keep this in your fridge for grilled cheeses! And Ezzie snacks on it.

  6. Organic cacao chips – I LOVE adding these to desserts and also yogurt bowls for no sugar added chocolate option. Even granolas!

  7. Almond flour – solid price point and I fly through this.

  8. Organic corn chips – if you love Frito’s you must get these. I don’t love the Elote ones.. but many do

  9. Dark chocolate peanut butter cups -OMG creamy and so good!!

  10. Peanuts for Chocolate ice cream – umm buy this and try not to eat the entire pint. Ingredients stink but we love it.

  11. Organic olive oil spray – I basically spray life away we go through this so fast.

  12. Vegan kale pesto – I either make my own vegan pesto or buy this and it is amazing for pizzas, pastas, eggs, anything.

  13. Organic pastas – tons of gluten-free and gluten-filled ones. We don’t love the legume ones tbh – too chewy.

  14. Organic frozen pizza crust – IT GETS SO CRISPY!

  15. Organic frozen cauliflower rice – I don’t buy this weekly but I do when we want cauliflower fried rice and my cauliflower pizza crust. My mom loves it too.

  16. Frozen pizzas – yes I am that mom who makes frozen pizzas. Their ingredients are actually not too bad either for the organic ones.

  17. Almond flour tortillas – they’re not my favorite ingredients wise and not as good as Siete but we do buy them a lot – much cheaper.

  18. Organic granola bark –  coconut chocolate granola goodness. It is so so good.

  19. Cheese bites – we love adding these to salads or just snacking on them.

  20. Dried mangos – the BEST ever omg

  21. Spindrift – I mean… DUH! And Spiked if you are lucky is near you.

  22. Israeli feta – love love love

  23. Burrata – we love using it for pizzas!

  24. Lentil soup – shout out to my mama because this is her favorite.

  25. Cookie dough and trail mix Perfect Bars

  26. Organic dates – I flipping love these so much. SO juicy too!!

  27. Everything but the bagel seasoning – truly I sprinkle this on everything guys. SO good

  28. Cauliflower gnocchi – it’s not a staple for me but we do love making it from time to time for quick and easy meal

  29. Organic maple syrup – SO good and affordable. Plus they have so many options.

  30. Organic apple cider vinegar – the branding alone is so cute but it’s a great product to keep on hand.

  31. Organic cacao powder – staple for making my brownies helllloo!

  32. Frozen organic veggies – SO many options.

  33. Frozen organic fruit – same here! and price is great.

  34. Organic hard shell tacos – LOVEEEE especially for these

  35. Olive tapende – insanely good

  36. Organic kalamata olives – a fave especially for my greek salad

  37. Organic full-fat coconut milk – LOVE for cooking and baking needs