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    Digestive Issues During Pregnancy (aka Pooping While Pregnant)

    Digestive Issues During Pregnancy (aka Pooping While Pregnant)

    Yup – we are going there today friends. Digestive issues during pregnancy aka pooping while pregnant!

    Digestive Issues During Pregnancy (aka Pooping While Pregnant)

    Chances are if you had any interest in reading this blog post you are either pregnant and your poop schedule is way off or you aren’t pregnant but your poop schedule is still way off. Both totally common and I am happy to hear that I’m not the only one who is perfectly OK talking about their bowel movements.

    Going to the bathroom is such a taboo topic, especially with women. I personally have always been very open and blunt about my digestive health and that territory. Not to mention that being with Jord has made me even more open about it since he’s not the typical guy who thinks a girl doesn’t take a dayum poop. We have an extremely open (some may think too open) relationship but being with him has seriously made me become even more comfortable chatting about this topic.

    Let’s rewind a bit before diving into my tips for pooping while pregnant.

    I’m currently over 5 months pregnant (more than half way there – it’s crazy!) and before getting pregnant, I have always been what I like to call “regular” when it comes to going to the bathroom. Sure, everyone’s regular is different but for me that consists of 1-2x per day and always first thing when I wake up (usually between 7:30-8am). I am indeed one of those annoying people who’s schedule isn’t thrown off my travel or routine changes. Take me to Italy, California, Hawaii or really any time zone and I’ll still go when I wake up. I have never dealt with constipation and this something I never take for granted because I know how many people struggle to take a flipping poop every day.

    I joke that pooping is my favorite past time (ya, we are really getting deep here). Likely why I am hungry often and like to constantly be snacking – that system is usually flowing pretty well.

    But then things changed a bit when I entered my second trimester of pregnancy. Throughout the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, I didn’t notice any shifts in bowel movements. I went as per usual then around 17 weeks (also when I slowly started to grow my bump), I experienced my first day of constipation. I woke up on a Friday morning, went to brush my teeth and go to the bathroom as per usual and NADA. I sat there until my feet when numb. Jord started yelling at me to get up and start moving around so I did. I went and had breakfast, we went for our morning walk and I drank a ton of fluid but nothing. Long story short I went that entire day without going to the bathroom. I was not happy about it and also just felt so uncomfortable. It is the worst feeling ever to feel like you have to go but can’t. My stomach was killing me but nothing was happening. I sat there, I ate figs and probably stressed about it way too much (which likely doesn’t help).

    I downed a glass of magnesium powder mixed with water that evening right before bed. I happened to have some in my pantry (random, I know) and the next morning I woke up and went per usual. I messaged over a dozen of my friends who have had babies before asking if they ever had constipation while pregnant. Each one laughed and replied with a big old YES! Clearly thins’t wasn’t uncommon amongst the preggo community. Continue Reading