I cannot believe the end of 2016 is HERE!
It seriously was such a fast and flipping crazy year but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Most of you probably read my personal blog post from early December about getting fired, building brand, etc. And since we got all of that emotional and personal stuff out of the way, I want to share the important recap of 2016… the food, duh!
I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really start looking at my Google Analytics until about 6 months until the year. Now I like to track it from a content perspective so I can see what you babes love the most each month.
These recipes I am sharing today in the post are YOUR favorite 9 recipes from the blog this year. I am also going to share my personal favorite afterwards since there are a few that weren’t listed here, and what I am planning for 2017.
#1 biggest takeaway from this year – you guys seriously LOVE chocolate and peanut butter, maybe even more than I do. Most importantly you love banana bread. That is probably why we get a long so well 🙂
Let’s see what the top 9 recipes were..best of 2016
These recipes seriously ruled the blog in 2016. The Paleo Chocolate Chip Banana Bread by a LONG shot. That is also my number 1 favorite recipe on here and the one I make most frequently. That recipe inspired ever other banana bread that was created on the blog this year. We have some with coconut flour, almond flour and oat flour. I am definitely going to keep experimenting with more banana breads going into next year too.
The falafel recipe as top 9 definitely threw me off, but I am happy to see there was another recipe on the blog that won your hearts.
Now my personal favorite recipes (besides the banana breads) are:
Them GOODS though. After browsing old recipes on my blog, I saw some real consistency going on. The look of my photos has definitely evolved but I love that they also have remained the same in many ways. Simple, bright and approachable. That is the point of my recipes as you know. I want you babes to read the blog, look at a photo and say “hey I can make that too!”.
For the week of 12/26 through New Years, I am taking some time off. I want to get into FULL 2017 mode, plus I could use a little R&R before the new year begins. A few of my goals for next year:
  • Continue to produce 12-16 recipes per month.
  • Collaborate with brands that I love and use on recipes and inspire YOU to eat delicious and clean.
  • Meet more of  YOU in person.
  • Host events and retreats to with other like-minded babes in the space.
  • TRAVEL – seriously need to start leaving my comfort zone and my 5 mile radius 😉
  • Learn how to make an effing video and get with the times.
  • Maybe/hopefully expand my team. I love working solo but it gets lonely and we all know Jord and I could use some help eating all the muffins and banana bread.
If there is anything you want to see on the blog, don’t hesitate to email me or comment below. I love hearing from you!
Thank you all for your amazing support and love. I love each of you too much and cannot wait to continue hanging out and eating more food together next year.
xx, Rach